What is a products liability?

Simply put, products liability is when a consumer product unlawfully causes an injury or death.  Defective Products are covered under products liability.

What are consumer products?  

Generally, consumer products describe any item that is used by a person in their daily life.  That could mean cars, prescription drugs, medical devices, pressure cookers, tires…or just about anything that is manufactured and sold.

How do I know if I have a products liability case?

When someone is injured or killed because of a product, and the injured person or immediate relative comes to us, we start by investigating the product. We try to figure out whether the injury was caused by the product being poorly designed, whether the product was manufactured with a defect, or whether the instructions were not good enough to warn of dangers involved with using the product.  We often hire an expert engineer to look into all of these issues.  

Among the many cases we have handled, we have examined bicycles, cars, pressure cookers, ladders, tires, exploding lithium ion battery devices.  Stephen Skinner has spent his entire career involved in products liability cases, and regularly investigates–without any cost to the potential client–products cases to determine whether a case can be made or not.

I think I may have a case…What should I do?

Complete our online form, give us a call, or send a text, and we will set up a time to talk with you.  There won’t be any charge for this meeting. The most important thing you can do, though, is to keep all of the evidence.  That means keeping the product that caused the injury and anything else that might have been involved. It also means searching for proof that you paid for the product.

What is a “mass tort”?

A “tort” is a lawyerly way of saying “wrongful act.” The word tort can be used to describe many different types of injuries from car wrecks to trespassing.  A “mass tort” generally means that there are many similar wrongs by the same manufacturer or corporation. This is different from a class action. Most of the “mass tort” cases are product liability cases.  The cases are usually organized into one federal court for most of the litigation.  

What are some cases Skinner Law Firm is involved in?

Right now, we are litigating cases involving hernia mesh, transvaginal mesh, 3M combat earplugs, defective metal-on-metal hips, Valsartan and Opioids.  We are also exploring Johnson & Johnson baby powder and Roundup cases. We are regularly examining individual cases and updating our knowledge about new medical device and drug cases.  If you think you might have a case, contact us for a free review.

Stephen Skinner is a member of the AAJ Products Liability section as well as being a member of the AAJ Opioid Litigation Group, the AAJ E-Cigarette Litigation Group and the AAJ 3M Combat Earplugs Litigation Group.