Insurance Bad Faith Practice

Too often we talk to clients who have suffered financial harm caused by unfair insurance practices. Also known as insurance fraud, insurance bad faith practices are when an insurance company unfairly handles or denies a claim. Bad faith practices can include such things as:  the unreasonable denial of a valid claim, lengthy delays, misrepresenting insurance policy provisions, denying coverage to claimants for certain conditions that should be covered, offering an unreasonably low settlement, improperly evaluating a claim, and/or failing to consider all the relevant facts.

In West Virginia, insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith and treat a valid claim fairly. We have helped our clients recover from unfair low-ball insurance offers or denials from automobile insurance policies, homeowner insurance policies, umbrella policies, and other property, casualty, business, and liability insurance policies. If you believe your claim has been treated in bad faith by an insurance company, then please contact us for a no-cost evaluation.

Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Laura DavisLaura Davis leads Skinner Law Firm’s Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Practice.