Stephen Skinner attends Maryland Premises Liability Seminar

Earlier this year, Stephen Skinner traveled to Columbia, Maryland, to attend a seminar on Premises Liability given by the Maryland Association of Justice.

“What is premises liability?”

Premises liability is the idea that property owners may be responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on their property, and that property or business owners are legally responsible for the safety of their customers or guests. Basically, property owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their properties are reasonably safe. Of course every state has its own rules governing what is expected of business and property owners, but the point behind the rules is to protect people from easily avoidable accidents and personal injury.    

When you go out on a balcony or deck, for instance, you expect that it has been inspected and maintained and that you won’t fall through or off because of poor construction or upkeep. Likewise, if you go to an amusement park with your family, you expect that the safety harnesses on the biggest, highest roller coaster will actually keep you in your seat when you zoom around the track. Some other examples of incidents that could pertain to premises liability are slips and falls, assaults in parking lots, snow and ice accidents, and even dog bites.

This time of year, swimming pool safety is high on people’s minds. Many insurance companies, for instance, require pool owners to erect a fence around backyard swimming pools because property owners could be held liable for any accidents or drownings that occur on their property. You may have noticed that swimming pools open to the public often have signs posted with rules and warnings: “No Diving,” “No Running,” “Children Must Have Adult Supervision,” etc.  Such rules encourage swimmers to make good decisions and protect themselves from accidents.

After attending the seminar in Maryland, Stephen Skinner said, “It’s great keeping up with Maryland law and comparing it to West Virginia law. Studying premises liability is always a good reminder that most injuries can be prevented with planning and attentiveness.”