How to Pay Medical Bills Without Health Insurance

How do you pay for your medical bills if you don’t have health insurance? Now, that is sometimes a tricky question. Of course, I’m going to give you the lawyerly answer: it depends. But the first thing you want to do is see if you actually qualify for health insurance. For instance, in West Virginia, the Medicaid Program will actually go back in time and pay medical bills that you’ve had over the last, I think it’s somewhere between 30 and 60 days. It depends, of course, but that means you’ve got to go apply for Medicaid right after your wreck so that they can pay for your bills. Another option to pay for your medical bills if you’ve been in a wreck and you don’t have health insurance: you might have something called med pay, that’s medical payments coverage, in your own auto insurance. So what I’d love for you to do is get us a copy of your declarations page, and it shows each kind of insurance you have and how much coverage you have. Because if you have med pay, you can use that to pay your medical bills until you can get some health insurance set up.