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Laura C. Davis joined the Skinner Law Firm in 2008 and became a partner in 2010. She grew up in Gainesville, Florida, and obtained her B.S. in psychology from the University of Florida. She graduated from WVU College of Law in 1998. Ms. Davis is admitted to practice in West Virginia and is a member of the West Virginia State Bar, the American Association for Justice, and the West Virginia Association for Justice. Ms. Davis’ practice focuses on bad faith insurance and complex litigation.

Civil litigation often includes many complex issues that need to be resolved.  It becomes “complex litigation” when the case involves multiple jurisdictions and/or multiple parties.  It can involve more depositions, more documents, more witnesses, more experts, and more filings.  When more than one jurisdiction is involved, then more laws apply, such as state and federal and/or another state’s laws.  Lastly, more critical thinking and analysis is needed to plan ahead, anticipate, and handle these complex cases.

Laura had years of experience practicing as an insurance defense attorney prior to joining Skinner Law Firm.  She knows defense tactics and how to work against them.  Laura, along with the team at Skinner Law Firm, has successfully represented many clients with complex lawsuits against insurance companies.  Whether you believe you have a significant case or a complex case, contact Skinner Law Firm for a free consultation.

Laura Davis has helped host the WV Association for Justice Annual Convention and Seminar in Charleston, West Virginia.  She, along with two other attorneys, presented The Insider’s Advantage:  Strategies Learned as a Defense Attorney that You Can Use on the Plaintiffs’ Side of the Aisle. In addition to programs for lawyers, the convention also has continuing education for paralegals. Laura and her colleagues at Skinner Law Firm are committed to excellence in continuing legal education for the benefit of all West Virginians.

Reviews of Attorney Laura Davis

Very helpful

Very helpful, very friendly, cares about my family. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs experienced, competent lawyers. The staff is very friendly too. Thank y’all! By Jacqueline via Google on February 14, 2018

Highly recommend

Laura was extremely professional and quick to handle my case. Always keeping in contact and working for my best interest, I would always recommend her above the rest! By Desarie via Avvo on August 16, 2016

Laura Davis

Laura is an outstanding attorney. She has gone far and beyound the call of duty. She is very caring, loving & know’s her job well. She was on top of every aspect with providing the services we needed to settle matters affectively. Thanks to her my family and me are able to have some normalcy in our lives again. We can’t thank her enough. By Loretta via Avvo on June 29, 2016

West Virginia Dream Team!

Ms. Laura Davis and the team of legal superheros at the Skinner Law Firm are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and just plain awesome! They are not afraid to take on a large insurance company. Ms. Davis was very attentive and responsive to phone calls and emails. She asked very detailed questions about my accident and got back to me with an answers within 24 hours. Because of her tenacious resolve not to settle for anything less than what she honestly believed my case was worth, I settled for 5 times what I had expected and considerably more than what they would have offered me without Ms. Davis and the Skinner Law Firm on my side. You can’t go wrong with the Skinner Law Firm! By Chandra via Avvo on January 12, 2016


Laura Davis of Skinner Law Firm does not disappoint! I highly suggest giving her a call and getting her opinion on any matter. Laura along with Stephen Skinner took on my case and we won!! You want her by your side if you are facing legal issues.  By Jonathan via Avvo on July 30, 2015

Legal representation by Laura Davis

Laura gave us outstanding legal representation over a more than 5-year period involving a very complicated set of legal and strategic decisions all along the way. She was persistent, well-prepared and knowledgeable, and displayed great expertise in getting us a very favorable resolution to this lengthy affair. We would recommend her to anyone who needs competent, thorough, and thoughtful legal assistance.She was easy to work with and kept us well-informed at each stage of the proceedings.  By Steve via Avvo on July 9, 2015

We are Grateful

Laura Davis was very helpful to me and my daughter throughout the process. She was clear as she explained the process of the claim. She provided updates each step. Laura took the time to explain anything I did not understand. Her approach was professional without being pushy or harsh. I felt very comfortable working with her. We were grateful for Laura’s soft approach since we had not gone through this before. Because of Laura’s work on this case, my daughter has been able to go to college and build her future.
I would gladly recommend Laura Davis.  By Toni via Avvo on June 15, 2015

Excellent Law Firm- Laura was amazing!

Laura worked with me on a property damage case. She was wonderful! She knew exactly how to approach the case, was very helpful when recommending options and giving best and worst case scenarios. Very responsive to any questions or inquiries. Additionally, she communicated effectively and efficiently in regards to the case. She made the entire process very easy and pleasant considering the unpleasant circumstance. I highly recommend Laura.  By Nicole via Avvo on June 12, 2015

Recommended With Pleasure

My wife and I are pleased to relate to you that were it not for Ms Davis’ expertise in insurance matters we could easily have been left with out any savings. We were sued by an individual who had been convicted of abusing our son when he was a youth. This individual claimed we violated his civil rights. We were forced to defend in a distant location and were totally ignorant of federal procedure. Ms Davis was able to convince the insurance company that had previously denied our request for coverage to accept the coverage and we were able to successfully obtain local counsel and defend the suit.

Not too soon after successfully having the federal court throw out the suit the insurance company attempted to cancel our coverage accusing my wife and me of actually being perpetrators. We put the matter in Ms Davis’ hands and she and her law partner were successful in not only getting the insurance company to rescind the cancellation but obtained a fair settlement in our behalf.

All of the above was accomplished with the greatest sensitivity and personal attention. They understood how emotional our lives were over this and led us with great care and understanding always letting our wishes be the final answer. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to let others know what a wonderful lawyer and person is Laura Christine Davis.  By Gregory via Avvo on June 9, 2015

Great lawyer

Laura and all law office has been extremely supportive and professional. I couldn’t have gotten better represented than with them. I always felt I was in good caring hands and very well represented. Very very pleased I get to work with them. Thank you!!  By Rochi via Avvo on June 8, 2015