Andrew Skinner gives presentation on Evaluating Damages at the West Virginia Association for Justice Convention

In June, Andrew Skinner presented at the 60th Annual WV Association for Justice Convention and Seminar. The WVAJ is a statewide organization of over 500 plaintiffs’ attorneys dedicated to preserving and improving our civil justice system. They provide continuing legal education to lawyers around the state and work to protect our constitutional rights from the big corporations that believe they are above the law.  

The WVAJ meets twice a year and features speakers from around the country as well as a few homegrown speakers.

Working with Clayton Fitzsimmons of Fitzsimmons Law Firm in Wheeling, Andrew’s talk was titled “Evaluating Your Case for Damages: Determining Your Client’s Options and How to Prove Them.” Andrew went in depth on three different aspects of damages.  Here are some brief points from the presentation:

  1. Did your property get damaged or destroyed?  If so, what annoyance and inconvenience did you suffer?  (For instance, if your car was totaled by a drunk driver, what was it like to go without a car for a while?  Did you have to get rides from friends and family? Take a bus? Go through the hassle of renting and returning a car?)
  2. Did you get injured?  If so, you might be entitled to damages for lost wages and/or loss of household services.  Say you usually do the laundry or mow the lawn or prepare the meals in your household – if you’re unable to do those tasks because of an injury, you might be entitled to compensation for the work that someone else had to do on your behalf (even if they weren’t paid to do it).    
  3. Did someone get killed?  If so, in addition to lost wages and grief, their loved ones could be entitled to damages for the pain and suffering they experienced during the time between their loved ones’ injury and death.    

According to Andrew, the talk was not only helpful for the audience, but also for Andrew himself: “Researching for the presentation was useful because it honed my game a little bit; it made me even more familiar with the most recent and relevant cases and laws on damages, so it upped my knowledge to help my own clients.”

If you or a loved one has been severely injured, or a loved one has passed because of the wrongful activity of another, then an advocate for your losses can be very helpful. There is no cost for the case evaluation. Contact us at Skinner Law Firm, where we treat you like family.