Skinner Law Firm cares about our community and the people we represent. Whether our client lives in West Virginia or California, we focus on our clients’ individual needs. Some lawyers advertise that they are trial attorneys but then recommend quick settlements for pennies on the dollar. We start from day one preparing for trial because we believe that our clients deserve full compensation for their injuries.

With over 80 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Skinner Law Firm focus on representing people, not insurance companies or big corporations. We are proud to bring our experience from across the United States back home to serve our four-state region. Consultations with our lawyers for personal injury, wrongful death and consumer matters are free.

Types of Cases:

Victims of Drunk Driver Collisions

Andrew Skinner and the Skinner Law Firm recently settled lawsuits against drunk drivers who caused accidents that killed and seriously injured innocent people.  These innocent victims just happened to be driving on the same road as the drunk drivers, who were driving the wrong way.  One settlement included compensation from the bar where the drunk driver did his drinking.

Consumer Protection Victories against Debt Collectors

Skinner Law Firm has settled several cases recently against debt collectors for unlawful harassment of our clients.  In certain instances, the debt collectors would call continuously and repeatedly in a harassing manner.  In other instances, the debt collectors would call family members and harass them about the debt.

Wrongful Death in Car Wreck

Skinner Law Firm recently won a judgment of $2.1 million dollars in a jury trial for the wrongful death of a teenage young adult killed in a car wreck.  The victim was the passenger in a vehicle that crashed after the driver lost control.

Crime Victim at Night Club

Stephen Skinner and Laura Davis of the Skinner Law Firm won a settlement for clients who had been brutally beaten and attacked at a night club in Martinsburg, WV.  This civil litigation for the crime victims resolved during trial after Skinner and Davis won key legal rulings.

Consumer Rights Victory Against Kia

Stephen Skinner won a jury verdict against Kia Motors America and Bill Baisey on breach of warranty claims in a dispute over a faulty Kia Sedona van. Although Kia and Bill Baisey broke their warranty promises, they refused to pay their clients for their broken promises. After over a year of litigation, a Jefferson County jury found that they had done just that. After the verdict, in addition to the damages, the Court ordered Kia to pay our client’s Skinner Law Firm attorney fees.

Crime Victim at Gentleman’s Club

Stephen Skinner and Laura Davis of the Skinner Law Firm settled claims against the Vixen’s club for a confidential settlement. Our client was the victim of an assault and battery by bouncers at the “Gentleman’s Club.” The Complaint alleged that the bouncers threw our client to the ground on the outside of the club where his cheek was fractured. It required surgery and he was left with a permanent injury. During the case, it was discovered that the video surveillance system system at the bar “missed” recording what happened to our client. We brought a claim based on spoliation (destruction) of evidence on top of the actual assault and battery civil litigation for our crime victim client.

Helped injured customer

Andrew Skinner and the Skinner Law Firm have settled a claim on behalf of a client who was severely injured at the Lowe’s Home Center in Martinsburg. The client was returning a defective riding lawn mower to the store. The client rented a flat bed truck from Lowe’s to return the mower. Upon arriving at the store, the client asked for help from Lowe’s, who sent an employee out to the truck. This employee got two ramps designed specifically for that truck and hooked them up to the rear of the truck. Our client started to back the mower down the ramps, when one of the ramps collapsed. Our client fell to the ground, while the mower fell on him. He injured his neck and tore his rotator cuff, requiring surgery. The lawsuit settled for a confidential amount after two years of litigation.

Stopping Fingerhut’s abusive practices

Attorneys Stephen Skinner and Laura Davis helped a Ranson senior citizen stop harassing calls from Fingerhut marketing. Fingerhut tried to charge this senior citizen for merchandise she did not buy. When Fingerhut would not stop harassing her by telephone, this longtime Ranson resident turned to the Skinner Law Firm. Stephen Skinner immediately wrote to Fingerhut and asked them to stop harassing his client. Even though the law requires that Fingerhut stop contacting someone when they hire a lawyer, Fingerhut persisted. The only thing that made Fingerhut stop badgering was when the Skinner Law Firm filed suit. As part of a settlement, Fingerhut has agreed never to contact the client again, to remove her adverse credit information, and pay her for the annoyance and distress they caused by the unlawful harassment.

Computer Equipment Falls From Delivery Truck, Critically Injuring University Employee

Attorney Stephen Skinner successfully resolved a case, involving multiple corporations, where a giant two-ton disk drive slipped off a delivery truck at a major Washington, DC university causing severe injuries to one of its employee. The delivery company’s failure to use the right equipment and properly secure it caused severe spinal injuries and very costly surgery and rehab for the university employee. The injured employee needed pins in his back and extensive rehabilitation. The case was litigated in DC Superior Court until a settlement was reached. The delivery company provided the majority of the settlement along with two other shipping companies, who were involved.

Homebuyers released from contract after fraud by homebuilder

We helped a young family get their deposit back from a national homebuilder when the family failed to qualify for a loan. The contract to purchase the house required the homebuilder to refund the deposit if the family could not qualify for a loan. Although the family did not qualify for a conventional loan, the homebuilder submitted its own application to a lender and got approval for a high rate loan. The family turned to the Skinner Law Firm because the proposed house payments left them with just hundreds of dollars per month for car payments, food, commuting and living expenses for a family of four. The Skinner Law Firm was able to look at the loan application and determine that the homebuilder had fraudulently left out key information from the loan application, which mislead and deceived the family. When confronted with the fraud, the homebuilder offered to refund the down payment.