Attorney Andrew Skinner

Attorney Stephen Skinner

Stephen and Andrew Skinner are available to speak

Are you a member of a community, religious, or civic organization?  Are you interested in an informative and enlightening presentation for one of your meetings?  If so, Andrew Skinner or Stephen Skinner is happy to come speak to your group free of charge.

As you may have realized as you talked about a lawsuit with family, friends, or colleagues, one of the least understood branches of government is our court system and the laws that affect us every day.  Our presentation will educate West Virginians about our courts, our civil justice system and how our laws affect and benefit West Virginia families and locally-owned businesses.

Here are some of the topics available:

– An Introduction to West Virginia Courts & Civil Justice System

– Your Constitutional Right to Trial by Jury

– How Lawsuits Protect the Lives of Consumers and Workers

– Consumer Protections (Fair Debt Collection, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, Automobile Sales Fraud)

We know that the needs of each community group and organization are different.  We will work with you and your group closely to develop a program that meets your group needs. For more information on the program or to schedule a presentation, please contact us.